Gluten-free menu



Tomatoes & olives, green vegetables stuffing, hummus, hazelnut butter, mushroom stuffing

Cornmeal muffins

Vegetables, chees

Salad meals

Risotto with herbs, quinoa salad with mushrooms, buckwheat with pumpkin, lentil and chard; pasta with pumpkin and tomato sauce, rice with five ingredients

Fresh salads

Vegetable and cheese skewers, pepita and corn salad

Potato pancakes

Chickpea burgers

Soy loaf

Hokkaido pumpkin with onions

Quick-fried mushrooms with polenta


Almond, millet, rice



Fruit salad, fruit skewers

Oranges with honey

Rice pudding

Fruit and chocolate balls / cubes on sticks


Season fruit, chocolate, vanilla

Fruit shakes

Refreshing non-alcoholic punch with fruit pieces