Main Menu



Shrimps, caviar, vegetable stuffing, prosciutto with melon, zucchini with cheese, cheese with dill, olive spread, tomato with basil, fish pate

Snacks in cups / spoons

Tomato, cheese & basil, vegetable sticks with dip

Cornmeal muffins

Cheese, vegetables


Season vegetables, mushrooms, meat, cheese and vegetables, leek and rice

Spring rolls

Meat, vegetables

Salad meals

Potatoes Dalmatian style, fresh salad with corn and shrimps, seafood salad, tuna salad, vegetable paella, meat paella, penne with chicken and herbs, fusilli with mushrooms in red sauce

Seasonal vegetable salads

Vegetable skewers with cheese, Asian salad, spring salad, spring salad with mushrooms and sesame, green cheese and seeds salad, vitamin salad with peanuts

Meat snacks

Chicken and vegetables skewers, mini kebabs, chicken sticks with dip

Fish fillets topped with herbs



Fruit salad, fruit skewers

Oranges with honey

Dry pie – baklava

Rice pudding

Fruit and chocolate balls / cubes on sticks


Season fruit, chocolate, vanilla

Muesli dessert in glasses

Fruit shakes

Refreshing non-alcoholic punch with fruit pieces