Macrobiotic menu


Macrobiotic Canapé

Tofu cheese with dill, prawns, cooked vegetables stuffing, cream of nuts with germs

Salad meals

Colorful cabbage with tempeh, rice with azuki beans, seitan ‘bolognese’, brown rice with lentils and onions, cooked chard with kuzu sauce, penne salad with tofu and peppers, marinated vegetables with tofu, Hungarian style tofu, curry tofu

Fresh salads

Cucumber salad with tofu and sesame, crispy tofu salad, tofu and vegetable skewers

Vegetable rolls with nuts

Lentil and millet loaf

Bean fritters with tofu and parsley mayonnaise


Hokkaido pumpkin with onions



Fruit salad, fruit skewers

Oranges with honey

Dry pie – baklava

Rice pudding

Fruit and chocolate balls / cubes on sticks


Season fruit, chocolate, vanilla

Muesli dessert in glasses

Osawa cake

Cornmeal biscuit

Fruit shakes

Refreshing non-alcoholic punch with fruit pieces