Organic menu



Mung bean pate, cream of nuts, paprika spread, onion spread, tomato with onion, green vegetable stuffing, cream cheese and vegetables spread

Salad meals

Cabbage with potatoes, fruit and seeds salty salad, pasta in red sauce, pasta in white sauce with organic mangulica pork meat, vegetables and cinnamon risotto, millet salad with nuts, lentils with vegetables, risotto Milanese, tofu and vegetables salad

Fresh salads

Finely chopped cucumber with spices, vegetable sticks with sauce, fresh vegetables with seeds and sprouts

Vegetable skewers with dip

Meat snacks

Meat skewers with vegetable sauce, cured meat plate with fruit sauce

Roasted vegetables with Mediterranean sauce


Millet, rice



Fruit salad, fruit skewers

Rice pudding

Fruit and chocolate balls / cubes on sticks

Fruit shakes

Refreshing non-alcoholic punch with fruit pieces