About us

CELO ZRNO CATERING (WHOLE GRAIN CATERING) is the catering of the future, designed to meet the tastes of the most demanding gourmets and gourmands who care about their health and health of their loved ones. With the latest trends in decoration and food serving, special emphasis is given to the preparation of food, without additives and processed ingredients which are prepared solely on the basis of flour from whole grain cereal, cold pressed vegetable oils, without any of the infamous three “white deaths “- salt, white flour and sugar. The offer represents a unique combination of traditional and international cuisine, created in collaboration with professional chefs whose extensive experience in gastronomy contributes to unforgettable taste of our food.

MENU – canapé, pies, fresh salads, salad meals, pastry and spreads, fish and meat meals, tofu cheese and soy meals, cakes, other entrees and desserts.

We do all types of catering / cocktail party, buffet / with or without service staff

Dishes from the meal menus order ​​to 17 h for the next day.

Orders for celebrations ordering later 3-5 days in advance
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